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September 04, 2019 Autumn Festivals 2019

Daitengu of Narazawa Shrine

Shizuma Shrine Annual Festival


September is the time for autumn festivals!

Traditional dances are performed by local districts as offerings to pray for an abundant harvest and the continued well-being of families.

The Daitengu of Narazawa Shrine (photo below) is also featured in the movie 楽園(Rakuen) available in cinemas in Japan from October 18 (Fri)!

Upcoming Major Autumn Festivals:

Sept 14 - 15: Shizuma Shrine Annual Festival (Akitsu)

Sept 21 - 22: Daitengu of Narazawa Shrine (Narazawa)

Sept 22 - 23: Gosoku-daidaikagura (Toyota)

(Please remember to be respectful and do not disturb the ceremonies when visiting as these are important events for local communities.)

▼For more details about the festivals:

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