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0269-62-7000Gosokudaidai Kagura (五束太々神楽)

Ten dances are performed at each festival.


The kagura is performed in spring and fall.

A kagura (traditional Shinto music and dance performance) preserved by the Takeminakata-tominomikoto-hikokamiwake Shrine.
While the exact origins are unclear, it's said that at least the festival was already performed in 1674 at the command of the Iiyama feudal lord.
Some of the masks used today date back to the late Muromachi period (16th century), a testament to the tradition's longevity. Currently, the kagura is performed twice a year in spring and fall.
Designated a Nagano Prefectural Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property, the Gosokudaidai Kagura appeared in the classic movie Amidado Dayori.


Detailed Information
AddressToyoda, Iiyama, Nagano
VenueTakeminakata-tominomikoto-hikokamiwake Shrine (Ohta district, Iiyama)

3rd of May /in the middle of September

InquiryIiyama Station Tourist Information Center
Nearest StationJR Togari-nozawaonsen Station

20 minutes by car from Toyota-Iiyama I.C. (Near Togari Onsen Ski Resort)

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