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0269-62-3133 ‎ Kosuge Shrine (小菅神社)

The path lined with cedar trees


The inner shrine

Known as one of the top three spots in Japan for practitioners of the Buddhist mystical sect Shugendo, the pathway to the inner shrine is lined with towering Japanese ceders, said to be 300 years old, and large moss covered boulders.
Hike about an hour up the path from Satomiya shrine (shrine built in village area as a worship space) to find the inner shrine, perched on a cliff 900 meters in elevation.
The inner shrine was constructed during the mid-Muromachi Period (1338 - 1573), and designated an important cultural property in 1964.


Detailed Information
AddressKosuge, Mizuho, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2322
InquiryShinshu-Iiyama Tourism Bureau
TEL0269-62-3133 ‎
Opening Hours

The path to the inner shrine closed in winter due to snow


Observation free

Nearest StationJR Togari-nozawaonsen Station (for taxi)
Means of transportation from the nearest station

27 minutes by Nagaden Bus from JR Iiyama Station (bound for Nozawa onsen), and 80 minutes on foot to the inner shrine from "Sekizawa (関沢) bus stop


25 minutes from Toyota-Iiyama I.C., and 60 minutes on foot to the inner shrine from the Kosuge Shrine parking

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