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0269-62-2612Inada Paper Shop (稲田紙店)
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This shop sells Uchiyama Paper, one of Iiyama's traditional industrial arts. Making use of the area's plentiful snow to naturally whiten the paper, the harsh winters also create a strong, durable product. Inada Paper Shop is the place to visit for traditional paper souvenirs.
The workshop sells handmade pressed flower tapestries and post cards, as well as sets of intricately painted traditional hina dolls. 


Detailed Information
Address3014, Iiyama, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2253
Opening Hours8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Regular holidayIrregular, year-end and new year holidays
Charge(Menu)"Hon-uchiyama" paper (kozo plant 100%, handmade): 4,400 yen / roll, "kichijo" paper (kozo plant 100%, machine-made): 3,100 yen / roll, post card with pressed flower: 210 yen, 3 bookmarks with pressed flower: 500 yen
Credit Card Acceptance Unavailable
Nearest StationJR Iiyama Station / JR Kita-Iiyama Station
Means of transportation from the nearest station8 minutes on foot from Kita-Iiyama Station/15 minutes on foot from Iiyama Station
Parking2 (free)

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