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Sake Brewing of Iiyama Prepare with infiltrated water and the highest quality rice.
Sake of Iiyama that is prepared with infiltrated water flowing from the mountains and the highest quality rice, is evaluated as "Yummy!"from the nationwide Sake lovers. The sake brewing of Iiyama is not possible to talk without the rich climate suitable for sake brewing and the skills and experience of Toji (Master brewer).
Long, hard winter is a challenge to human but it is nessesary for aging sake. Please enjoy one a cup of unique sake only in this land together with a cuisine using the local sake and ingredients of Iiyama.
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Kadoguchi Sake Brewery (角口酒造店) Sake Brewing Kadoguchi Sake Brewery makes its home in Iiyama City, located at the tip of Nagano Prefecture and kn...

Address:  1147, Tokisato, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2414
Telephone:   0269-65-2006

Genre:Alcohol Genre:Specialty/Souvenir Other:Products Perfectly suit for a Presents Other:Worth to See Once Area:Togari Onsen
Tanakaya Sake Brewery (田中屋酒造店) Sake Brewing This brewery has produced northern Nagano's "Mizuo" sake since 1868. This sake is produced with loca...

Address:  2227, Iiyama, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2253
Telephone:   0269-62-2057

Genre:Other Other:Products Perfectly suit for a Presents Other:Worth to See Once Area:Iiyama city

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