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0269-64-3311Madarao Kogen Onsen Hot Spring (斑尾高原温泉)

Indoor bath


Outdoor bath

Perched 1000 meters up on Mt. Madarao, the Madarao Kogen Hotel is home to hot spring baths fed by natural springs 600 meters below ground. The water is said to promote beautiful, moisturized skin, and keep bathers warm even after the bath. Surrounded by fresh mountain air, and offering both indoor and outdoor baths, Madarao Kogen's natural hot springs are a great place to refresh both mind and body.


Detailed Information
Address11488, Madarao Kogen, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2257
InquiryMadarao Kogen Hotel
URL http://www.madarao.jp/hotel
Opening Hours6 am - 10 am / noon - 11 pm (opening hours may change / please contact the hotel)
Regular holidayIrregular
Charge(Menu)Day visit: adults 900 yen (including small towel) / children 600 yen (including small towel)
ServicesRental bath towel: 350 yen
Nearest StationJR Iiyama Station
Means of transportation from the nearest station30 minutes by route bus bound for "Madarao Kogen (斑尾高原)" / 20 minutes by taxi
ParkingAvailable (parking charge required in winter)
Onsen NameMadarao Kogen Onsen
Onsen QualityEarth-muriated salt springs
Onsen EffectsNeuralgia / myalgia / arthralgia / frozen shoulders / motor paralysis / stiff joints / contusion / sprains / chronic digestive organs disease / sensitivity to cold / soothing effect / chronic skin diseases / cut / burn injury

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