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0269-65-2594Abe Papermaking (阿部製紙)



The entrance is decorated with Uchiyama-gami works.

Capitalizing on Iiyama's heavy snow, local craftsmen use a unique technique called yukizarashi (snow bleaching) to create durable, long-lasting Japanese paper. Called Uchiyama-gami, this handmade paper is light and airy, but also has insulating properties, making it the perfect paper for shoji, Japanese sliding paper screens.
Family owned and passed down for three generations, the Abe Papermaking offers visitors the chance to try their hand at traditional Japanese paper-making.
The process involves scooping pulpy liquid from a trough into a flat sifter, then letting the water run out to create a thin, even layer of mulberry paper fibers. The larger the paper, the more complicated the process, but post-card sized sheets can be made quite easily.
Workshops are available for groups of 5 or more. Pricing and workshop duration depend on the size and amount of paper, so please ask when making your reservation.


Detailed Information
Address4894, Mizuho, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2322
URL http://www.uchiyama-gami.jp/
Opening Hours9 am - 4 pm
Regular holidaySaturdays, Sundays and national holidays (reservation required)
Charge(Menu)Postcard: 240 yen +, large paper: 600 yen +
Other FacilitiesPaper making workshop
Nearest StationJR Togari-nozawaonsen Station
Means of transportation from the nearest station6 minutes by taxi

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