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0269-62-5963Nishinochaya (西乃茶や)
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The Shoujuan set includes sasazushi and soba.

Located just 5 minutes by car from the Toyota-Iiyama interchange, Nishinochaya serves local specialties like handmade soba and sasazushi (sushi on bamboo leaf). Soba noodles are made with 100% local Shinshu-Togakushi produced buckwheat, and served thin-cut in a salty broth. The shoujuan set with soba noodles and sasazushi is always a customer favorite.

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Detailed Information
Address285-1, Hachisu, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2256
Opening Hours11:00~21:00
Regular holiday2nd and 4th Wednesdays
Charge(Menu)Handmade cold soba: 750 yen, cold soba w/tempura: 1320 yen, kamo-nanban (soba in hot broth w/slices of duck meat and Japanese leeks): 1500 yen
Credit cards Unavailable
Service1F: 45 seats, 2F: 40 seats (2 rooms)
Nearest StationJR Iiyama Station
Means of transportation from the nearest station5 minutes by taxi from JR Hachisu station, 10 minutes by taxi from JR Iiyama station
Remarks5 minutes by car from Toyota-Iiyama I.C.
Parking25 cars

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