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0269-64-3767Restaurant & bar Jazzy (レストラン・バー Jazzy)
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Many jazz-related books and autographs are displayed in the restaurant.

Owned by a jazz enthusiast, the bar plays jazz music all day long. In addition to a traditional menu, a shot bar provides a wide variety of liquors, all offered at unbelievably cheap prices.

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Detailed Information
Address1101-78, Madarao kogen, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2257
Opening Hours11:00~14:00 / 17:00~22:00
Regular holidayWednesdays
Charge(Menu)Baked curry: 1400 yen, Beef stew: 1400 yen, Steak: 1500 yen, Beef curry: 980 yen
Credit cards Unavailable
ServiceBar: 5 seats, table: 20 seats
Nearest StationJR Iiyama Station
Means of transportation from the nearest station20 minutes by taxi, 40 minutes by bus
Parking20 cars (free), Public parking is also available

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