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0269-62-3802Tokiwaya (ときわや)
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Don't forget to try the Maboroshi ramen!

While this shop offers a wide variety of noodles, the Maboroshi ramen comes specially recommended. Thin spiral noodles and soft barbecue pork are topped with leeks and bamboo shoots, swimming in a clear broth. The spices in ramen and fried dishes can also be adjusted to suit any palate.

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Detailed Information
Address984, Tokiwa, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2414
Opening Hours11:00~14:00 / 17:00~20:00(L.O)
Regular holidayMondays (in case of a national holiday, the next day is closed)
Charge(Menu)Maboroshi ramen: 620 yen, Home-made gyoza dumplings (6 pieces): 515 yen
Credit cards Unavailable
Service1F/ table: 18 seats, Japanese-style tatami mats: 20 seats, 2F/ 2 Japanese-style tatami rooms: 25 seats
Nearest StationJR Shinanotaira Station
Means of transportation from the nearest station10 minutes on foot
Parking20 cars

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