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March 17, 2017 Information about 34th Iiyama Nanohana Festival

Information about 34th Iiyama Nanohana Festival

Schedule :
- 3rd of May (Wednesday) 9:00~16:30
- 4th of May (Thursday) 9:00~16:30
- 5th of May (Friday) 9:00~16:30

Nagano-ken Iiyama-shi Mizuho 413

There are lot of event, like a concert, costume competition, etc...

For more information, please visit here (Japanese only)

January 20, 2017 Information about 35th Iiyama Snow Festival (11th and 12th February)

Information about 35th Kamakura Festival

Schedule :
- 11th February (Saturday) 9:30~20:30
- 12th February (Sunday) 10:00~15:00

Main part of Iiyama city

There are lot of event, like a fireworks, concert, etc...


January 20, 2017 Information about 17th Kamakura Festival (11th and 12th February)

Information about 17th Kamakura Festival

Schedule :
- 11th February (Saturday) 10:00~20:00
- 12th February (Sunday) 9:00~15:00

Iiyama city Tozama Area - Restaurant Kamakura Village

There are lot of event, like a fireworks, snow mobile, etc...


January 06, 2017 Information about Ski Stations in Iiyama

We are please to announce that

- Togari
- Madarao
- Hokuryu Onsen

All those ski stations are available

Please come and enjoy in Iiyama Ski Stations during this consecutive holidays !

Facebook page

Facebook Page


December 26, 2016 About Year-end closure

From 2016/12/29 to 2017/1/3, we'll be closed.

For all reservation of Kamakura Village received during this period will be treated ASAP
(answer will be done after 2017/1/4)
If there is a multi booking, we apologize that the fastest will be treated as highest priority.
Thanks in advance for your understanding.

December 16, 2016 About Kamakura Village Restaurant reception during the end of year period (29th of December to 3rd of January)

Dear Visitors,

Thank you for your interest to Kamakura Village Restaurant. We received a lot of reservation and we appreciate so much.

During the end of year period (29th of December to 3rd of January), Kamakura Village Restaurant reception could be only done by Web form.
For all request by phone, end of year period is closed
For all request by mail (reservation, cancel, modification...) during this period, we'll treat as quick as possible from 4th of January.

Thank you for your understanding

Shinshu Iiyama Tourism Bureau


Wellcome to Shinetsu-shizenkyo!

Let's enjoy cycling in the beautiful landscape of the Japan's hometown (FURUSATO) Iiyama,Nagano.

Have you ridden a bicycle instead of driving your car recently? We almost forget how amazing it is to feel the wind, smell of flowers and the sound of great nature.We are introducing tours of each seasons to experience our beautiful scenery,tradition and seasonal food. This tour includes a rental bicycle, lunch and a English-speaking tour guide to show you around the city.

Let's take Hokuriku Shinkansen & Iiyama station expands your adventure!

[Place] Shinetsu-Shizenkyo Activity Center
[Price] Participation fee includes tour guide・rental bicycle・helmet・lunch or snack・insurance・tax
*Transportation expenses to Iiyama station are not included.
[Bring]Drinks・towel・hat・ back pack (will be needed to bring your belongins. There are back packs available for rent.)

There is a 2 person min.10 person max. for all bike tours.

[Tour detail]
①8/21(sun) 10:00~15:00 trial price ¥2,000
Get refreshed with water from natural spring in Kijimadaira!

Drink delicious cold water at Ryukouji Temple and experience Uchiyama paper making which has something to do with water!

②9/11(sun) 10:00~15:00 trial price ¥3,000
Experience the traditional simple life of a temples of town,Iiyama!
Ride to a temple to learn about the tradition and eat traditional vegetarian dishes to purify your body and soul.

③9/25(sun) 10:00~15:00 trial price ¥2,000
Cycling through golden sea of rice fields tour!
An experience available to be seen only once a year, the beauty of golden rice fields.

④10/16(sun) 10:00~15:00 trial price ¥2,000
Two for one cycling tour!
It's the best season to enjoy amazing vegs and fruits, and of course sports!

⑤11/13(sun) 10:00~16:00 trial price ¥2,000
Nozawana cycling tour!
It's our tradition to pickle Nozawana this time of year.
Let's ride to Nozawa onsen village to find out more about their culture and tradition.

shinetsu-shizenkyo activity center
TEL : 0269-62-7001
mail :
771-1, Iiyama, Iiyama-shi, Nagano, 389-2253, Japan
9 : 00-18: 00 ( Apr. to Oct.) 9 : 00-17: 00 ( Mar.)
The tours are subsidized by Nagano prefecture, chiiki hatsu genki zukuri shien-kin .



July 27, 2016 Snow Festival & Kamakaura Festival on Feb.11 & 12, 2017

Iiyama Snow Festival:
Date: Feb.11 & 12, 2017

Kamakura Festival:
Date: Feb.11 & 12, 2017

*Further information will be announced around early January.


June 09, 2016 Restaurant Kamakura Village 2017

In one of the snowiest areas of the world, Iiyama people build Kamakura as a fun way to pass long winter days!

- Restaurant Kamakura Village! -
* Centered around dinner in a kamakura (igloo)
* Featuring Noroshi nabe, a specialty hotpot,
pork, mushrooms, and locally grown vegetables
- Getting to Iiyama -
* Tokyo Station - Iiyama Station / Hokuriku Shinkansen (app.2h)

For the booking, please advise us following information:

1) Date & Time
2) Your Full Name
3) Your Country
4) Number of PAX
5) Accommodation
7) Transportation (Car or Train)
8) How did you know about Restaurant Kamakura Village?

Contact Us/Make a Reservation
(Shinshu-Iiyama Tourism Bureau)

Restaurant Kamakura Village 2017

May 12, 2016 Chikuma Riverside Evening Fireworks Display

Chikuma Riverside Evening Fireworks Display

Date: Aug.14th

The Fireworks show is held on August 14 on the banks of Chikuma River.

*15min on foot from Iiyama Station


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