During your stay, experience nature and the rural way of life

Iiyama is home to various attractions, from outdoor adventures to activities from Iiyama's relaxed country life. You can enjoy magnificent landscapes, balmy highlands, beautiful rural scenery, and streets lined with traditional temples.
We recommend a stay at one of the inns or cottages in the Madarao and Nabekura Highlands, where you can enjoy nature walks and other outdoor activities. You may also enjoy farmhouse inn accommodations in Togari Onsen and Shinanodaira, which provide a glimpse into laid-back country life, and an opportunity to observe local customs and scenery.

Madarao Kogen (Highlands) Area
Madarao Highlands, at an altitude of 1000 meters, is home to mysterious lake Nozomiko, as well as grassland flower-covered Numanohara Shitsugen Marsh. 50 kilometers of maintained trails weave through the abundant forest.

  • Madarao Kogen

  • Madarao Kogen
    Art Festival
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Shinanodaira Area
Experience simple country life while immersed in the beautiful scenery of rural fields and natural springs. In spring, dog's tooth violet flowers bloom, and winter marks the appearance of kamakura (igloos) in snowy fields.

  • Mt.Kuroiwa

  • Dosojin Fire
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Togari Onsen Area
Enjoy your time in the countryside with a comfortable stay at a farmhouse inn and two days of soaking in hot springs. Special ingredients and the proprietor's homemade dishes add to the Togari area's charm.

  • Ajisaidera
  • Dosojin Fire
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Central Iiyama
With the ruins of Iiyama castle at its center, and home to more than 20 temples, Iiyama is often called "Snow country's little Kyoto." City highlights also include sites like the Mayumi Takahashi Doll Museum.

  • Filming locations
    from the movie
    “Amidado Dayori”
  • Nanohana Festival
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Hokuryuko Lake Area
Surrounded by deep forest, Hokuryuko Lake has a romantic heart shape. The setting for the Japanese film ‘Amidado dayori,` the lake area retains its wilderness scenery. Kosuge Jinja (shrine), with 1300 years of history, is considered one of the three most spiritual places in Kitashinano (northern Nagano).
  • Hokuryuko Lake

  • Firefly viewing
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Nabekura Kogen (Highlands) Area
Mt. Nabekura is dotted with rich beech tree forests, lakes and marshes. Large-scale farms also cover the Nabekura Highlands. Various natural experience programs are planned throughout the year at "Nabekura Kogen Mori-no-ie."

  • Natural Beech

  • Making Sake in
    snowy Nabekura
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