Shinshu-Iiyama Tourism Bureau is a licensed Japanese travel organization, happy to help you in the process of planning trips to Iiyama.


-Travel Agent Registration No.2-492 certified
by Governor of Nagano Prefecture
1110-1 Iiyama CityHall, Iiyama City, Nagano 389-2292 Japan
TEL 0269-62-3133 FAX 0269-62-7003

What We DO

Our Philosophy

Making the most of Iiyama’s environment abounding in nature and culture, and incorporating effects of the opening of the Shinkansen line, we promote “Making trips where you can feel Iiyama’s unique character” in response to the increase in foreign tourists that has accompanied the sudden progress in internationalization, and we coordinate with farming and local industries to plan fitting sightseeing promotions for Iiyama, and by so doing contribute to developing the local economy.

Our Mission

① Put ourselves in the customer’s shoes when making products—while valuing the marketing perspective, we work with farming and local industries to get the most from the area’s abundant resources in our planned commercialization.
② We “manage” tourist areas with the sense same as the private sector and continuity. Working with the administration, we make the division of responsibilities clear as we strategically and effectively put our projects into action.
③ Prompting numerous motivated members to participate, we take on projects together with the whole community. We hold a position with both the residents and visitors as someone they can rely on to make the city fit for tourism.

Licensed by the Japan Tourism Agency in accordance with the provisions of Travel Agency Law

Scope of Activities Domestic travel
Registration number Nagano Prefecture Governor Travel Business Registration 2-492
Contains a heading An explanation will be included.
Registration Date June 8, 2007
Registration Valid June 8, 2022 - June 7, 2027
Name General Incorporated Association Shinshu-Iiyama Tourism Bureau
Name and Address of Branch Administrative Office, 1110-1, Oaza Iiyama, Iiyama, Nagano
Branch Phone number / Fax number 0269-62-3133 / 0269-62-7003
Open Monday to Friday
Closed Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and Around New Year’s Day (Dec.29 – Jan. 3)
Hours 8:30 – 17:15
Hours Manager is Available working hours on working days as stated above.
Name of Certified Travel Services Manager/Comprehensive Travel Services Manager Koichi Shimizu The certified travel services manager is the individual responsible for transactions at the branch handling the customer’s trip. If any uncertainty remains about the trip’s contract as explained by person in charge of it, please don’t hesitate to ask the certified travel services manager listed above any questions you may have.
Conditions of Travel Agency Business The following Conditions of Travel Agency Business apply:
  • Agent-Organized Tour Contracts
  • Custom-Ordered Tour Contracts
  • Special Compensation Rules
  • Arranged Tour Contracts
  • Travel Consultation Contracts
Schedule of Travel Agency Charges Please consult the Schedule of Travel Agency Charges for more details.
Customer Consultation Counter Please make any inquiries through the inquiry form.
Affiliated Travel Organizations Full member of the All Nippon Travel Agents Association (ANTA)