There is an immense amount of impressive and beautiful nature surrounding Iiyama.It’s the perfect place for a relaxing drive through the countryside, or for outdoor activities like mountain climbing.

Culture & History

Iiyama is home to many historic sites, the most important being the Iiyama castle ruins that stand in the center of the city. Iiyama castle was built by Uesugi Kenshin (A Daimyo of the Warring States Period) who named it “Ushiro-kengo no Shiro (The Castle of Strong Rear Defenses)”. It is said that even Takeda Shingen (a famous military commander of the Warring States period) could not capture it in the 12 year battle of Kawanakajima. Today only the stone foundations and walls remain, but many people still visit the castle ruins every spring, as it has become a well-known cherry blossom sightseeing spot.

Traditional Crafts

The traditional craft that was created from the harsh nature environment of the snow country, is inherited the charming traditional crafts with silent passion of the people: “Uchiyama paper” (nationally specified traditional craft) and “Buddhist altar making” that is inherited locally for 300 years. You can easily touch to the traditional techniques such as “Uchiyama paper” and “Makie・Choukin” at the work-experience studio. Let’s make your original souvenir!

Food & Sake

Clear water from snowy mountains and fields and a climate with four distinct seasons produced rich seasonal foods in Iiyama. Farm products like Iiyama rice, mushrooms, and green asparagus are valued highly throughout Japan.


You can enjoy magnificent landscapes, balmy highlands, beautiful rural scenery, and streets lined with traditional temples.
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