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Gold lacquer ・Engraving The art of skillful craftsmen
With strong Buddhist influences dating back centuries, weather suited to delicate lacquer and foil handiwork, and the perfect amount of humidity, Iiyama is the ideal place for Buddhist lacquer altar construction. This traditional art has a history in the city of more than 300 years. With a base of finely hewn local wood, the altars are covered in lacquer and engraved with intricate designs of gold powder and leaf. Intricately crafted ornamental metal fittings provide the finishing touches. Festivals in Iiyama's Atago-machi area in July and October offer visitors the chance to try out traditional crafts for themselves!
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Washimori Metal Works (鷲森金具) Gold lacquer ・Engraving, Traditional Craft Iiyama's butsudan, handcrafted Buddhist shrines, are fitted with intricately worked copper and brass...

Address:  3015-2, Atagomachi, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2253
Telephone:   0269-62-3724
(Shinetsu-Shizenkyo Iiyama Station Tourist Information Center)

Area:Iiyama city
Fujisawa Lacquer Co.(株式会社 藤澤蒔絵) Gold lacquer ・Engraving, Traditional Craft One of Iiyama's expert lacquer craftsmen, Kazuo Fujisawa, heads a Buddhist alter studio offering ins...

Address:  741-4, Iiyama-nosakada, Iiyama, Nagano 389-2233
Telephone:   0269-62-2717


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