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Culture & Historic sites of Iiyama Iiyama: an enduring history of cultural sites.
Iiyama is home to many historic sites, the most important being the Iiyama castle ruins that stand in the center of the city. Iiyama castle was built by Uesugi Kenshin (A Daimyo of the Warring States Period) who named it "Ushiro-kengo no Shiro (The Castle of Strong Rear Defenses)". It is said that even Takeda Shingen (a famous military commander of the Warring States period) could not capture it in the 12 year battle of Kawanakajima. Today only the stone foundations and walls remain, but many people still visit the castle ruins every spring, as it has become a well-known cherry blossom sightseeing spot.
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The Six Jizo Statues of Nishiotaki (西大滝の六地蔵) Culture & Historic sites The day after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, another quake hit northern Nagano, causing massi...

Address:  Nishiotaki district, Iiyama, Nagano
Telephone:   0269-62-7000

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Iiyama Castle Ruins Park (飯山城址公園) Culture & Historic sites Iiyama castle was originally built by Japanese daimyo Uesugi Kenshin as a stronghold for his invasio...

Address:  2749, Iiyama, Iiyama, Nagano
Telephone:   0269-62-7000

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Amitabha Temple Hall (阿弥陀堂) Culture & Historic sites Amidado, the temple hall, blends so well into the surrounding landscape that it seems like it's been...

Address:  Mizuho, Iiyama, Nagano
Telephone:   0269-62-7000

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Buddhist Altar Street (仏壇通り) Culture & Historic sites An architectural innovation unique to Japan's snowy regions, this street coverings keep sidewalks cl...

Address:  Atagomachi, Iiyama, Nagano
Telephone:   0269-62-7000

Season:Spring Season:Summer Season:Fall Season:Winter Other:Temple Tour Stamp Orienteering Other:Only in Snow Country Area:Iiyama city

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