Spring's arrival in Northern Nagano is marked by the "Nanohana (rapeseed blossom) Festival," which highlights the yellow nanohana flowers blanketing the Chikuma Riverbank. Winter amusements include the construction of countless "kamakura (snow hut) villages" in vast snowy fields and the "Iiyama snow festival" held in mid-February.
Known as location spots in the film "Amidado-dayori,"Shojuan temple and Amidado hall, as well as the pathway to Kosuge Shrine, allow you to walk through the "original scenery of Japan."
Iiyama also offers tours of local events, offering visitors a chance to participate in traditional customs like the summer festival and Kagura (court dance and music). The "Mayumi Takahashi Doll Museum," opened in April 2010, is popular as a new tourist attraction. Museum exhibits feature dolls hand-crafted by Iiyama-based Mayumi Takahashi, and presented in scenes of historical Iiyama.

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