From fresh vegetables grown in the fertile ground along the Chikuma River, to the wild plants and mushrooms cultivated in wooded areas, Iiyama produces a wealth of delicious agricultural produce. This includes top-grade "Illusion rice, "as well as highly reputed nihonshu (Japanese sake), made from rice and water from mountain springs.
Iiyama's traditional "Tomikura soba," crafted from local ingredients like oyamabokuchi, is popular among soba-lovers for its unique texture. Iiyama is also known for sasazushi, sushi wrapped in bamboo grass and originating from Japan's Warring States period (mid 15th to early 17th century), as well as Japanese and Western-style sweets with local ingredients.

Hand-crafted "Uchiyama Paper, "produced in Japan's harsh snow country, makes use of traditional skills to create beautiful, special quality paper. Buddhist Altar construction, established as an Iiyama industry 300 years ago, has also spread traditional art techniques throughout Japan.

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